I am Malala: Book Review

imageI am Malala by Malala Yousafzai: Book Review

I finished another AMAZING book and had to share it with you! My review will also be in the Yoga For Today newsletter again this month. I do hope you get an opportunity to read this one soon.

I had been drawn to the remarkable courage of Malala even before I read her book. I followed her on Facebook and read everything I could that was written about her. I was in awe of this very young Pashtun women from Pakistan’s Swat Valley and couldn’t even imagine what it was like to have experienced what she alread did at such a young age.

The book began where Malala’s world changed forever…One October day, when she was just 15 years old, a young boy trained by the Taliban, got on her bus, shouted “Who is Malala”, and then shot her point blank in the head. Her survival is a miracle and due to some quick thinking individuals and the Universe knowing she still had much to do, she was rushed out of the country to England, her parents and siblings joining her at a later date, where she was able to make a miraculous recovery and continue her work.

Malala’s mother was illiterate as many Pashtun women are; Malala’s father, on the other hand, was an educated and very intelligent man who did not always follow traditional rules. He often spoke up against the wrongs that he witnessed and ran a school where both boys and girls of any age were taught. He raised Malala as if she were a first born son and gave her all the tools she would need: support, education, self confidence, and a platform to voice her thoughts and opinions.

Together, father and daughter changed the world and continue to do so. They brought to light the importance of educating every child on the planet and have even set challenges to the first world countries. Her drive and determination is powerful, she inspires me to continue my journey and I hope she will move and inspire you as well.

Happy reading and let me know what you think!

Love &Light

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