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Sundays: August 20, September 17, October 22, November 26, December 17
2:00pm – 4:00pm YogaPath Wellness
Investment: $10/circle

Women coming together to support women. Join Michelle once a month in a Women’s Healing Circle to support, celebrate and lift up each other.

We all need support but often feel like we don’t know how to get it. Maybe it is because we do not know how to ask for the support we need; Maybe  it is that we are concerned of what other people may think if we do ask for help; Or perhaps we are just plain old scared. This Healing Circle is the place to come and figure out what you need and how to ask for it. We will laugh, maybe cry, let go of what we don’t need and hold space for each other to heal.



July 18th, 2pm – 3pm

New to oils or just want to refresh your memory, then this class is for you. I will talk about what essential oils are, how they work, how to use them, and dive a bit deeper into 3 of the most popular oils.
The link for this class:


Thursday, July 27 (Rainout date is August 3rd)   
7pm – 8:30pm at YogaPath Wellness

Come and spend an evening practicing gentle yoga for all levels under the beautiful Tibetan prayer flags; then be guided on a walking meditation for an opportunity to really connect to back with Mother Earth. Slowing down, being present and practicing self care will be the focus of this special class.

Investment is $20, to register, please email Michelle:

Please bring a yoga at and blanket and bug spray if you use it. Class will be held outdoors.


August 8th, 2pm – 3pm

In this class I am going to talk about how essential oils can help manage mood and guide you through making your own customized rollerball, your Soul Blend,  based on your own emotional needs. Be sure to have a notebook and pen handy for this one!
The link for this class:


Sunday, August 13th
1:30pm – 4:30pm at YogaPath Wellness

Transformational Cellular Healing is a powerful energetic process of clearing, purifying, and regenerating cellular memory. Through meditation, movement and music, a deep awakening is activated. A remembering and awareness occurs that reminds us of our true nature, our inner wisdom and intuitive knowing; that we are nature itself. This potent process of cellular transmutation opens the energetic channels in our bodies so that we may receive the highest transmissions of vital life force energies.

Investment: $55 Email to register.


Thursday, August 24th  
6pm – 9pm at YogaPath Wellness

This workshop will provide you with an opportunity to create your own traditional hand drum and drum stick. Once the drum making process is complete, we will enjoy a guided meditation (walking; weather permitting) to complete the journey. This is a great opportunity to connect with Mother Earth and use the unlimited creative power within.

Investment is $110, all materials provided. Registration and payment must be received by August 22. Email to register and secure your spot!



August 29th, 2pm – 3pm

As you all know, I am a yogini to the core and I also happen to use essential oils, so it only make sense to finally have a class that talks about both subjects. Whether you are a teacher or a student or like me, a bit of both, this class will give you plenty of ideas to bring the best of both words together.
The link for this class:

THE PATH – A Lifestyle Meditation Workshop



Friday, September 22 – Sunday, September 24

Will be held at the YogaPath Wellness home studio on the acreage. We will be surrounded by nature as we walk the Path together. Limited space, register early!

Investment: $350.00

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves” – Victor Frankl

Join us for this five-module, three-day workshop designed to be a companion for your mental, emotional and spiritual growth. The Path is a process that that becomes a road map for your evolution by:

– Giving meaning to your suffering
– Discovering unconditional love for yourself and others
– Uncovering your hidden talents, gifts and deepest desires and then weaving them into your relationships and career
– Breaking unhealthy and unhappy habits and behaviours that have been limiting you or holding you hostage

This workshop will run 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm on Friday and 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Short breaks and a lunch break will be incorporated into the schedule. Manual, Tea/water and light lunches will be provided.

Module 1: Introduction to Meditation
Your journey begins as you learn more about your personal relationship with stress, how it has impacted you in the past and how it has the potential to shape your future. All great and lasting changes begin with building a solid and safe foundation to shift from. In this session you will learn how to use the tools and wisdom of mindfulness and meditation to empower conscious and creative outcomes.

Module 2: The Shift
There are only two places we can sit, one is in the seat of the EGO and the other, the SOUL. The Ego is rooted deep in fear and is concerned with trying to control, while the Soul operates from love and trusts in the divine. In this session we learn how to recognize when we are caught operating from fear and how to shift into the freedom seat of the soul.

Module 3: An End to Suffering
The Buddha teaches us that suffering is a part of the human condition. But, he also teaches us that we all have the ability to transcend our suffering if we decide we really want to. In this session, we take a closer look at how and why we suffer as individuals and as a collective, and how we can rise above our suffering to create a life of greater joy and ease.

Module 4: Conscious Choice-Making
What are conscious choices and why are they important? In this session we will explore how to create an ideal outcome for ourselves, as well as all others involved in our process, while operating from a higher place of love and spiritual evolution.

Module 5: Manifesting Like a Master
The law of attraction is written into both science and spirituality texts and shares the mechanics of creating the outcome we all desire most. The trick is working with these laws of the universe in the most clear and conscious way possible. In this session, we will explore the real secret behind designing the path and the destination that brings you the most peace, success and abundance possible.



Introduction to Meditation Workshop

STRESS…Everyone has it, but not everyone knows how to manage it. Research studies show that meditation can assist with not stress, but also anxiety, pain, depression, and can improve your overall wellbeing.

Join me as we explore the science and philosophy of meditation, answer your questions and take the mystery that surrounds meditation away.

Anyone can meditate…even YOU!

Investment: $40/person

To book your own workshop for your group, please email



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